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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between condominiums and townhomes?

Technically, all the units at Yalick Farms are condominiums. The difference is that all the townhomes are two-story, one-family structures that have a one-car garage. The condominiums can be one or two-story and have designated exterior parking spaces.

Is Yalick Farms open to all ages?

Yes, Yalick Farms is a condominium complex open to individuals (18 years or older) and families of all ages.

If I buy a unit, what do I own?

As with all condominium developments, the purchaser owns the interior of the unit. The Yalick Farms Homeowners Association owns the exteriors, the common areas and the plot of land on which the condo unit sits.

Who is responsible for interior maintenance?

For a rental unit, Yalick Farms employees or subcontractors will complete repairs or routine maintenance as a function of the rent paid. Damage to a unit, caused by a renter, is of course a separate issue and would be dealt with according to the covenants and policies in the lease. If a unit is purchased, the homeowner is responsible for all interior maintenance and repair.

Who is responsible for exterior maintenance?

The Yalick Farms Homeowners Association conducts all exterior maintenance, including groundskeeping and snow removal of all common areas. We have used high quality materials throughout Yalick Farms to keep maintenance to a minimum and keep your unit looking great for years to come.

How are utilities handled?

The renter or buyer is responsible for contracting and paying for all utilities, including gas, electric, water/sewer and trash pick-up. All units are wired for cable, DSL service, and phone. Specific information on service providers and utilities can be obtained from the Yalick Farms front office.

Who pays for insurance on the condominiums and Townhomes?

Because all units at Yalick Farms are considered condominiums, the Yalick Farms Homeowners Association will hold a policy on all structures at Yalick Farms. The exterior insurance is covered as part of the Homeowners Association fees. Yalick Farms advises all renters or buyers to carry separate homeowners or renter’s insurance for the interior or contents of their units.

Is there a pet policy?

Yes. Yalick Farms allows small, domesticated pets, such as cats and dogs. No exotics. All pets must be identified to Yalick Farms and registered and vaccinated in accordance with local laws. There are weight and size restrictions for any animal residing with a tenant at Yalick Farms. When outside the condominium unit, all domestic pets must be on a leash and with an owner or tenant. Pet owners are also required to clean up after their animals and prevent them from becoming a nuisance or danger to any other Yalick Farms tenants. Specific details of pet ownership are available through the front office staff. A separate, non-refundable pet deposit is required.

Can I plant flowers or shrubberies?

Sorry, but no. Since all exterior maintenance is done by Yalick Farms, we have to control the landscaping. No fountains, statues, signs or other freestanding items may be placed in any common area.

What school district is Yalick Farms in?

Yalick Farms is in the Dallas school district.

Where did the name Yalick Farms originate?

The land on which the condominium complex is built used to be a plant and vegetable farm owned and operated by the Yalick family. It was an active part of the Dallas community for over a century and we chose the name to honor the family and the legacy of the farm. We have refurbished the farmhouse and barn and built our on-site water tower to resemble a silo to maintain the original look and feel of the property.

I have another question, not answered here.

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